Personality Development

This course is meant for extraordinary development of an individual persona plus self-representation.

1> It’s a motivating course which helps students to develop soft skills.
2> Immense personality upliftment workshops are organized in this course to help students form a firm grip in speaking and expressing their view point through short talks.
3> Ice breaking activities and ability to maintain a positivity on reacting on petty matters.
4> The entire thought process and cognitive thinking gets a makeover.
5> Exposure to talking and interacting with individuals of different age group.

Course Content to be covered:

1> Focus on effective Public Speaking
2> Tips on applying Advanced level of Grammar
3> Group Discussions
4> Personal Grooming
5> Tips on how to demonstrate Body Language
6> Personality Development
7> Confidence Building
8> Tips on email etiquette
9> Tips on addressing a business meeting
10> Tips on effective communication skills
11> Tips on how to deliver a presentation
12> Learning the Voice & Accent neutralization
13> How to handle an interview
14> Techniques of speaking Business English as native speakers

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