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IELTS at Crosslink Education Consulting

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is a widely accepted test of the English language and accepted in many foreign universities and institutions all over the world, especially across Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and the USA. It’s an English language proficiency test which validates that the candidate is comfortable with the English language in all 4 aspects—reading, writing, speaking, and listening–and can effectively communicate in it.


The scores of an IELTS examination are assigned, in terms of band, and the range of the score is from 0 to 9 in which the O score is given to the least performing, and 9 band is given to the expert in the language. The passing score of the candidate or the minimum score requirement will depend on the University to which the candidate has applied or the immigration program through which he is applying for selection.

However, a score of 6 is a competent score and is the least required score at most of the places. The test is usually conducted in the above mentioned 4 categories and a candidate has to qualify in all.

Why Choose Crosslink Education Consulting?

1> Important Tips & Tricks for cracking the IELTS Examination

We share with our students the various tricks and tips to do well in the exam and score high bands.

2> Classroom & online sessions

We provide both the classroom and online options to cater to the needs of students with varying needs. While classroom sessions and online sessions are provided from Monday to Saturday.

3> Individualized instruction/classes

We offer customized classes keeping the specific needs of students of all kinds.

4> Expert Trainers

Our trainers are 100% certified and have the right credentials to train and equip visa seekers and students perform well in the exam and score high bands.

5> Excellent Infrastructure

Crosslink Education Consulting has an amazing state-of-the-art infrastructure, in the form of dedicated class rooms, online sessions and studying resources to train applicants and students do well in the exam, and come out with flying colours.

6> Doubt Clearing Sessions

We ensure that none of your doubts related to the IELTS test exam remain unanswered and unattended by answering all your queries and removing all of your doubts related to the crucial language test.

7> Number of Sessions & Class Duration

We offer Customised sessions for class room as well as online (classroom- 22 sessions,2 hours each, Online 22sessions, 30- 40 minutes each class)

8> Flexible Timings

We have flexible coaching timings to make certain that our students–caught up with different time-schedules–are not inconvenienced, and they get training as per their convenience and availability.