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Latvia Study Visa Consultant

About Latvia

Latvia is a beautiful country with picturesque landscapes featuring rivers, rolling hills, and lakes. It provides a favorable atmosphere for learning. This is the reason many Indian students want to study in Latvia. The country has universities and colleges that offer high-quality education. They offer a wide range of study programs and courses for international students. The capital of Latvia is Riga.

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Why to Study in Latvia?

There are abundant reasons why Indian students choose Latvia, Which one is yours?

1> Quality Education with Minimum Budget.

2> Low cost of living in compared to other European Countries.

3> Prestigious Globally Recognised Degrees.

4> Government Approved Universities.

5> Safe and Multi-ethnic Country with rich cultural and education traditions

Education System of Latvia

Two types of tertiary education programs is for approximately 2 million people in this country. These are Academic and professional programs.

1> Academic programs are strictly focused on improving the student’s ability to conduct independent research while giving a theoretical foundation for a future career.

2> Professional programs, on the other hand, prepare students for careers in all aspects of Latvian society. Professional programs graduates can end up in their fields as teachers and researchers.

Academic calendar

Latvian universities follow a strict academic calendar that runs from September to June for each academic year.

1.) Bachelor’s degrees are usually 4-year programs and

2.) Master’s degrees are 2-year programs at most.

3.) The duration of Ph.D. level programs largely depends on the student’s researching abilities.

Top Universities and Colleges in Latvia

1> Rēzekne Academy of Technology

2> Transport and Telecommunication Institute

3> Riga Technical University

4> University of Latvia

5> University of Daugavpils

6> Latvian Academy of Art

7> Latvian Academy of Sport Education

Popular Study Options Provided by Latvian Universities/ Colleges

1> Business

2> Environmental Science

3> Engineering and Technology

4> Medicine

Eligibility Requirement for Latvia Study Visa

For each university in Latvia, the admission procedure varies. However, all students studying abroad in Latvia must generally  provide the following when applying for admission:

1> Academic transcript

2> Degree/diploma/certificate from your previous educational institution(s) and

3> English language test results if you want to study in English.

Basic Eligibility criteria for different courses as follows:

1.) Bachelor Degree – Student who had passed 12 years of school are eligible to apply.

2.) Master Degree – Student who has 3 Year bachelor in related field. (For Some programs work exp. Is required).

3.) MBA – Any Bachelor Degree + One year work experience preferred.

4.) PhD – Student with 2 Year Master n related fields can apply.

These must be sent to the University of Choice in addition to other peculiar prerequisites demanded by the university.

Latvia Student Visa Requirement

To study in Latvia every student needs a Student visa. The following documents are required from Indian Students for visa processing.

1> A valid passport

2> Two recent passport size colour photograph

3> Proof of acceptance by the University or education Institution.

4> Letter certifying details of accommodations during course in Latvia.

5> Proof of sufficient funds to cover the living expenses and tuition fees

6> Visa application form to be properly filled in and signed

7> Proof of visa payment

8> Test results of Language proficiency tests

9> A document issued by an accredited higher educational institution stating that the international student participating in the exchange program is within the ambit of the international cooperation of the higher educational institution.

After receiving the Latvian student visa, which is valid for 90 days, students are expected to apply for a residence permit at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia (OCMA) upon arrival at Latvia.

Job Opportunities and Immigration

1> Part Time Job – The students may work for 20 hours per week in Latvia. In Latvia, you can also work 40 hours a week during holidays and holidays. Technology, management, education and  development professional internships are available from six weeks to 18 weeks.

2> Post Study Work Permit– If you’re from India, you will need a work permit to get a full-time job in Latvia after finishing your studies.

3> Permanent Residence– Latvia also has lenient rules when it comes to permanent residence.

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