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Duping Heat With Shimla Treat

Amidst the everyday routine tight scheduled days at CROSSLINK CONSULTING, The month of June came as a Harbinger of good tidings promising the parched monotonous office regime to finally feel the chills and drops of rain in none other than with queen of the hills Shimla. It all started with Planning of the weekend trip and planning itinerary and eventually getting every department enthusiastic towards this trip.

The CROSSLINK TEAM left Delhi on Thursday 27th June 2019. After the day’s work all came back excited to board the traveler waiting to take us to our destination. The journey till Shimla was like a candid RONDEVOUZ among the CROSSLINK DELHI AND KURUKSHETRA BRANCHES. Not to forget the hospitality of the Kurukshetra team who flooded the bus with homemade potluck. Delhi team was already famished and as none of us thought about being hungry at night. This midnight supper was like a pleasant surprise.

The journey was fun filled with games, Songs, and the cherry on the cake was Solo performances by Crosslink employees where one motivated the other. It started with celebrated singers from one Branch and the other to follow and even non singers who eventually gave a confident performance and to add the Bluetooth mike magnified the show.

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The swirls and turns of the mountainous track and final arrival at the hotel left all in deep slumber throughout the night only to be waking to an adventurous next day. Mall road shopping and horse-riding Christ church visiting, and library were main attractions. All came down with their own bag of goodies. Back to hotel refreshed to attack the lip-smacking dinner, followed by a round of games.

Day two included visit to Kurfee -funpark, The highest peak of Shimla. It was all cool till we reached there only to be told that now on the further journey would be on horses taking us till 3kms and our destination. For some fit and sporty athletic champs, it was an opportunity to showcase their fitness. For People like me I was just wondering how the animal would treat me and if I could find a translator to bribe the horse that was supposed to take me. Not to forget it included the owner too who was to handle the horse. By the way these horses had celebrated names like black beauty, Romeo,

Rider, Tarzan .It amazed us how well they were trained but animals are after all animals we were scared too.  This was followed by adventure sports and rides at Kufree Fun world. All in all, it was an engaging day which finally ended with a movie watching   horror to be precise. It unleashed the horror images and memories of ghosts and last but not the least some of the office mates trying to poke the horror sense of the colleagues and pretending they were real.

Looking forward to another trip soon . Stay tuned for Crosslink news.

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