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WRITING TASK 1:  LINE GRAPH Line graphs can be used to show how information or data changes over time. They have an x-axis (horizontal) and y-axis (vertical). Usually, the x-axis shows the time period and the y-axis shows what is being measured. Line graphs can be used when you are plotting data that have peaks (ups) and

Many people these days are living alone. Is this a positive or negative development? 6.5 Essay Band 7+ Essay Nowadays, an increasing number of people choose to live alone may be because of their own choice or due to excess workload. However, I think this has drawbacks on society and is a negative development. Nowadays, an increasing number of

There is a widespread precept prevalent that if one is a native speaker or an advance level in english or an Upper-intermidiete , they can attempt the PTE Exam without having to undergo a training and still get brilliant scores. But this is not Here is the problem: many true people think that merely speaking english

Fresh and Clean air, pleasant atmosphere and amazing beaches€¦ Welcome to the land of kangaroos and kiwis, where the nature engulfs the best of studies.The reverberating gusto of international students to bag the best of certifications and degrees. Australia is emerging as a preference. Australia is able to beat the  other countries in the run for

Amidst the everyday routine tight scheduled days at CROSSLINK CONSULTING, The month of June came as a Harbinger of good tidings promising the parched monotonous office regime to finally feel the chills and drops of rain in none other than with queen of the hills Shimla. It all started with Planning of the weekend trip and

The TOEFL Test gives you a chance to showcase that you have the Skills in the English Language which are necessary for emphatic  communication in an academical set up. There are Four Sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. All of these sections are attempted  in one  session which takes approximately four hours. Reading Section: Reading is the very first section and it is

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