Australia On Your Mind For Study Abroad? Get Answers To All Study Abroad Queries.

Fresh and Clean air, pleasant atmosphere and amazing beaches€¦ Welcome to the land of kangaroos and kiwis, where the nature engulfs the best of studies.
The reverberating gusto of international students to bag the best of certifications and degrees. Australia is emerging as a preference. Australia is able to beat the  other countries in the run for study abroad options. If this article has spotted you doing the same finding your options on the internet, just go through the reasons I list and then decide.

As we know the overseas study is expensive, but Australia comes as a  more affordable option. Offering avant-garde courses and study. Brilliant sustenance and living condition and a multicultural society.

1> The Australian Higher Education Colleges are the world’s best ones. Australian Higher Education Institutions rank among the world’s best. An Australian degree gives you a niche.

2> Further education in Australia certainly provides value for money in the form of their shorter and detailed courses. Science & technology, modern trends in marketing , all are evident in the study. A  master’s course on an average is between 1, 1.5 to 2 years, whereas the duration of Bachelors may  be 3 – 4 years. Last but not the least It accepts Indian degree 12 +3, which is like a good tiding for many students.

3> The Visa Process is well organised and  straightforward and on top very- very fair. Australian people are the friendliest in the world.

4> There was a fear in students about racism but the govts initiative in the form of  Education service for overseas students (ESOS) Act is to protect rights of international students. (Safe Environment) and this is a relief.

5> Accommodation is cheap affordable as compared to the other countries.

6> Course prospectus has a Variety of courses available which includes Science, medical, Engineering, Business,  Hospitality along with the language Courses etc

Which Are Some Popular Universities To Apply?

1> Central Queensland University (CQU)

2> Victoria University

3> Charles Sturt University

4> Curtin University

5> La Trobe University

6> James Cook University

7> Griffith University

8> Flinders University

9> University of Melbourne

10> Bond University

11> University of Canberra

12> Charles Darwin University

Can I Or My Spouse Work?

Aspirants who apply for student visa for Australia can definitely work part time for a span of 20 hours per week during their course in Australia and during holidays and vacations they can work even for extended hours. On entering the Main course they can share their expenses.

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