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There is a widespread precept prevalent that if one is a native speaker or an advance level in english or an Upper-intermidiete , they can attempt the PTE Exam without having to undergo a training and still get brilliant scores. But this is not Here is the problem: many true people think that merely speaking english fluently or being a top ranker in school an english proficiency test is just a trivial test. But the problem with this psyche is that they fail to understand English proficiency tests are more than being super performers in english.

The PTE exam is to assess your ability to operate in a completely English environment, be it a professional set up or studying at a college or being a part of a project.More than this it needs you to be possessing the ability and skillset for problem solving crisis-management and being blessed with good critical thinking and analytical capability. Not to forget all these skills have to be showcased in a non-native language.

Lets understand what to do:


Get hold of some practice material (a great way to begin is our PTE free Demo SESSION) and get a taste of what the PTE exam questions will look like and understand what is difficult for you. One thing that we see a lot at Crosslink Consulting  is people who are not real and overconfident about their skill level and their timeline. They are completely lost and confused about the PTE test format, yet they’ve booked their test for the next week and are determined that they can improve in an extremely short period of time.


Now that you know what is your performance level, it’s time to work on your problem areas. Our PTE expert Mentors will be more than happy to help you with this. They will draft for you an ideal study plan that suits your needs and timeline, they put you in a comfort zone and help you in areas of struggle for you. Many people fail to understand that they lack in reading or writing because of poor grammatical range and accuracy.

Routine practice of questions is not the ideal strategy but Working on your Problem areas will help you.  help. And the only person to identify them is but of course a PTE Expert.


A lot of people think that mock tests is the route to succeed.   Being a trainer and PTE Expert I have been able to deconstruct the exam and hence , I have to refute this myth . Mock tests are useful WHEN you have already taken a level of coaching and know what you are attempting. But using Mock tests as a sole means of preparing for the exam is a misplaced technique.


We all are habitual to a quiet, comfortable and disciplined surroundings for study, but being complacent by the fact that PTE exam centers match this is like fostering a hallucination. Imagine congested cubicle and having to sit there for three hours with loud sounds of other people attempting the exam, some of them struggling with the keyboards surrounding you. You are not allowed to eat or drink too.

Hence you need to create this same environment and practice studying under distractions and chaos. Try to record your describe Image in a noisy Burger King or a packed restaurant, or attempt a reading exercise in a noisy metro, or try concentrating on Ted – Talks in a public park with an ongoing match of cricket being played by children and all are shouting. Well! This looks silly for sure. But its worth a bargain. Your brain starts to filter out  irrelevant information and starts focusing on the work at hand. In other words I will say brain develops its own process of elimination.


It is always better to take the exam in the first half of the day. mornings are always fresh and energetic. I remember a student taking exam in the second half of the day and most of them complaint that post lunch they felt sleepy and fatigued and less responsive and finally even lesser productive. One of my students almost yawned and felt sleepy by the time she had to attempt the Listening section in her PTE exam and that impacted her listening abilities too, her concentration was impaired.

All the best for your PTE attempt just follow these precautions and you will be healed , with a favorable result sealed.

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