Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) : Bachelor of Business major in international business

Statement of Purpose

Course name: Bachelor of Business major in international business
Country: Australia


Myself xxxxxxxxxx DOB: xxxxxxx Passport number: xxxxxxxxx resides in India.  I did my Matriculation at xxxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxx and senior secondary from this same school in xxxxxx where I scored xx%. I did scored 6.5 overall. Now I have decided to earn my Bachelor degree internationally from xxxxxxxxxxx in Australia. 

Why not study In India if the similar course is available?

The fact is that my selected course, Bachelor of Business in International Business is offered in India as well, however, I am no longer willing to take this course from India. The students who study abroad have international exposure and feature higher talents to manage people as they have interaction with people from numerous way of life this offers them the confidence to cope with people from numerous walk of life. The international education will not only mend me more confident and knowledgeable but also assist me to enhance my communication skills that are very significant to commence a career in any company and influence others. Moreover, the degree achieved from India is not accepted worldwide as Australian degrees, so there is a low chance of getting a suitable job.

Why chosen Australia as a study destination?

Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. Schools and employers all over the world recognize degrees from Australian schools. The living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Australia than that are in the United States and the United Kingdom. While exploring more, I also got to know that its faculty is very qualified, the courses are designed as per the industry demands, the people are friendly and students from all over the world have been studying there for last many decades.

Why choose this particular course?

I am willing to indulge in Bachelor of Business in international business because, in this global environment, a business is an exciting and core profession. Whatever the economic climate is, businessman enjoys a more stable career than other professionals. It is apparent that businessmen is offering high salaries along with flexibility in job position and recognized as a global career too.

I am determined to pursue my Bachelor degree in international business among other options because this degree is designed to teach me the business essentials such as how to be an effective leader, market a product, and sell my ideas. I will also explore how the economy functions mean giving me a strong understanding of business practice and strategy. In brief, this degree course will give me a wide range of career opportunities.

Bachelor of Business at University name will help me to enter the workforce as a graduate equipped with the practical skills and knowledge that is highly demanded in this competitive era.

Value of the course to my Future

Once completed the Bachelor of Business major in international business, I will come back to home country where I will start my career in in government or private sectors, non-profit organizations, etc. in the roles like Management Analyst, Marketing Manager, Executive, Human Resources Manager, Financial Analyst, and others. Moreover, being got recruited in one of the reputed positions, I will able to earn around AUD xxxxxxxxx per month as my starting salary.

Obligations of a Student under Higher Education Visa Subclass-500:

I have applied for the program “Bachelor of Business in International” which comes under the category of Visa Subclass- 500.This is a temporary visa and after successfully completing my course I have to come back to my home country. This visa allows me to study Full time and I can work for 48 hours per fortnight while my course is in session and during my course break I can work full time. Also, I will have to maintain 80% attendance. I will have to meet course requirements and satisfactory progress and grades. In case of changing accommodation, I will have to inform college in 7 days. I will not involve in any activity which can harm or disturb Australian community or any other community. I must not work before the commencement date. I must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance during my stay in Australia.

I strongly believe in setting goals and working hard towards it. I am confident that I possess the basic attitude, discipline, and perseverance to sustain the motivation and drive needed for this Degree. I am excited to pursue my course at your prestigious university and certainly looking for encouraging response.  Your’ Sincerely

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