Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) : Diploma of Nursing Australia

SOP for Diploma of Nursing Australia


Statement of Purpose 

Course Name: Diploma of Nursing

Country: Australia

The willing of a person to constantly learn and grow through different experiences is what makes her/him a better individual and a better professional. Keeping this very idea alive throughout my life, I have always tried to learn from all my experiences to become a better person than I was prior to the experience. I have done my secondary schooling from xxxxxxx in xxxxx. I went on to study my senior secondary course also from the same school in science stream and scored xxxx.

As for my language proficiency in English, I have the overall band score of xxxx in IELTS.

My researches about the course have helped me learn that the course provides umpteen options to get hands-on and practical training which can decidedly mold me into an exceptionally skilled nursing professional who can offer great nursing care to people in need. As training is a critical element in nursing education to become an outstanding professional, the course offers comprehensive training in all such areas as acute and sub-acute nursing, aged care, mental health care, palliative care, rehabilitation nursing, encouraging teamwork, communication and research skills. This training, I am sure, would prepare me to meet the challenges of the nursing profession and render exceptional medical care and assistance to people in medical needs.

Even from my secondary school, I have displayed a special affinity towards biology and especially towards the role it plays in helping human beings have a healthier lifestyle. This affinity is what made me choose the physics-chemistry-biology combination in my senior secondary. The topics such as human physiology, the applications of biology, and its healthcare roles that I have studied in my senior secondary course have also oriented me towards taking to Diploma of Nursing at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in Australia.

The education system in Australia is regarded one of the best in the world especially when it comes to subjects that require empirical training. The wholehearted support of the government by means of timely grants and effective policy stances also plays an important role in persistently elevating the quality of education of Australia. I was also encouraged by the welcoming socio-cultural environment of the country, the comparatively lower cost of education and the internship opportunities in various hospitals and clinics also helped me cement my decision to pursue my education in Australia. On the contrary, India still lacks proper infrastructure to transform nursing aspirants to exceptional medical professionals. The serious lack of coordinated support of the government with various educational institutes also makes it difficult for a large chunk of nursing aspirants to even get the admission to institutes keeping them clipped from pursuing their nursing career aspirations.

Other than Australia, I have also searched for countries such as the US and UK as the probable destinations for my nursing education. My researches into the academic scenarios in these countries have helped me learn that living and education cost is a major factor where Australia fares better than these countries despite it offering similar standards of higher education. I was also able to understand that the admission requirements in the US and UK are more restrictive for students like me whereas in Australia, the admission requirements are more encouraging. I also learned that Australia also has an even education system which tries to produce exemplary results in all categories, subjects and levels of

After the diploma in Nursing from xxxxxxxxxxx Australia, I would like to return to India and seek to pursue a role as a professional in the capacity of a facilitator or teacher in any of the leading healthcare institutes in India. As India has a range of medical education institutes and colleges in different capacities, it can definitely use my acquired knowledge, skillsets and deeper understanding of various nursing topics and concepts that I will have learned from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Having been trained exceptionally well in both the academic and empirical aspects of nursing by the institute, I am quite confident that by the end of the course, I will have become an ardent nursing professional who can effectively support the learning and growth of aspiring nursing students in India. I am very much confident that the academic facilitation and pragmatic exposure I would get from the diploma course in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Australia will endow me with all the skills I need to meet the challenges during my career.

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