Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) : MBA (Leadership) in Just 58%

Statement of Purpose

 Program name: MBA (Leadership)
Percentage: Just 58%
Country: Australia

My name xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DOB: xxxxxx Passport No. xxxxxxxx resides in New Delhi, India.

I completed my xxxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxx where I was able to score only 58% as I was not able to concentrate on my studies thoroughly. Anyhow, being worked hard in my company, I got promoted as Team Leader and later I joined a new company on xxxxxxx. Recently, I am working with xxxxxxxx Limited as Team Leader (Supervisor Grade). I and my father kept working hard which improved our family’s conditions. Education is very significant for me. Finally, I thought to move towards a master’s degree, thereby, in future, I can be designated at the higher position in some prominent company in India. For this, I decided to move to abroad as its degree are valuable and highly appreciated in India. My parents also influenced by my decision and appreciated me to move towards higher education internationally. We are financially very stable now and I’m looking for my best career plans. In the past few years, I have experienced several changes in the life, and I have made myself stronger to confront all such circumstances. While working. I have met several people who are working on the higher designations and earning really well. So, I would like to build my career. My destiny is giving me another opportunity to be a successful person and I would like to get the international education. I have taken PTE test on xxxxxxxxxxxxx and scored 63 overall with Listening 55, Reading 70, Speaking 77, Writing 56.

Once explored thoroughly about the course and country, I decided to move with Master of Business Administration International at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Australia.

Since childhood, I have a great interest in business. For this, I have chosen MBA international because it is one of the most lucrative degrees to do today. During my job, I learned how to manage a team from beginning to the end of a project. Moreover, I was well-appreciated being an effective team leader. My chosen course will lead me to become a management consultant where I would able to manage the whole organization not a team. In brief, MBA degree opens up a very wide variety of career opportunities for the degree holder and enables them to advance their career by leaps and bounds. Moreover, an MBA degree is a highly prestigious post graduate qualification and has a great value for the top employers across the world. Furthermore, my chosen degree would help me to boost up the salary, professional reputation and of course, enhance my overall profile.


After considering the option of countries like UK, USA, Ireland, and Canada and Australia, I have chosen to study in Australia- the choice of Australia works for me in two ways. Firstly, it will provide me with international exposure in a developed country where I can witness the latest developments and ways of living. Secondly, it will open up an opportunity to learn in a highquality education system which is recognized the world over. Moreover, the mild climate of Australia and its beautiful, clean environments make it a healthy place to live. Students from all over the world come over there to study and to experience the Australian lifestyle in a safe, friendly, and academically excellent environment. It is a dynamic and attractive country with a high quality of life, making it a desirable location for students from all over the world. Its Universities look after all international students from the minute they arrive, through airport reception, an orientation program to the Institute and the city, and by arranging health insurances, tax file numbers,etc.

Australia has advanced resources being much more developed than India and also stresses the practical learning more than theoretical learning. I also got to know from them that the faculty is very qualified, the courses are designed as per the industry demands, the people are friendly and there are students from all over the world there adding to the multicultural diversity of Australia.

Master of Business Administration

This (University name) Master of Business Administration (Leadership) equips with the thinking skills and knowledge that mindful global leaders of today must possess. With its focus on the way to approach the management of people and change within and outside organizations, this is an MBA that equips you to be part of the next generation of emerging global and social leaders. Importantly, xxxxx offers flexible study options and valuable opportunities to establish highly influential networks within industry and government agencies, while you undertake studies in leadership.

This xxxxx MBA (Leadership) enables to develop the insights required to critically engage as a key leader within an increasingly dynamic, diverse and dispersed world.

Career outcome

After completing my education in Australia, I will back to India where I will get hired by a reputed position like Management Consultant, marketing Manager, Operations Manager, etc. Thereby I would able to earn 8-9 lacs per annum in the reputed companies such as Wipro, Infosys, Genpact, Reliance and many more. With the growing experience and network and connections with the industrial personnel and experts, I will    gradually work to start up my own business in near future and give full effort in the field of business and management and also contribute towards the development of the economy of my country.

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